John Oxley Library Fellowship

About the Fellowship

The John Oxley Library Fellowship is awarded annually to support researchers of all disciplines, historians, writers and creatives the opportunity to uncover Queensland’s rich and diverse history utilising the resources of the John Oxley Library and State Library of Queensland.  

The fellowship recipient will receive a stipend of $20,000, a personal workspace within the Neil Roberts Research Lounge for 12 months and premium access to State Library’s extensive collections and library staff expertise. The Honorary Fellowship receives the same benifits as the recipiant of the John Oxley Library Fellowship without the stipend.  

For more information about the John Oxley Library Fellowship please email or call 07 3840 7879.  

Proudly supported by the Queensland Library Foundation.

2021 John Oxley Library Fellow

Dr Henry Reese, recipient of the 2021 John Oxley Library fellowship. 

The 2021 John Oxley Library fellowship was awarded to Dr Henry Reese for his project Electrifying Queensland: Modern Machines in the Sunshine State.

Henry's project will explore Queenslanders’ interactions with electronic and communications technologies in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. ‘Old’ technologies that are taken for granted today often have surprising stories to tell when taken seriously in their own context. When technologies like the gramophone, telephone, cinema and radio were brand new, their meanings and uses were unstable. ‘How does this work?’ ‘What does this mean?’ They tended to provoke early users to think about how their worlds came together. Things that are now taken for granted move in and out of surprising contexts like science, magic, popular entertainment, commerce and government. Henry will follow some of these threads to explore the experience of modern life in Queensland over 100 years ago. He hopes to present his research as a short podcast series, telling some of the surprising and unusual stories he finds.

For more information on Henry's project watch his video below.

2021 John Oxley Library Fellow, Dr Henry Reese talks about his project.

2021 John Oxley Library Honorary Fellow

A/Professor Mark Lauchsrecipient of the 2021 John Oxley Library Honorary fellowship.

The 2021 John Oxley Library Honorary Fellowship was awarded to A/Professor Mark Lauchs for his project, Social Networks of Crime and Corruption: the First and Second Jokes.

Mark's project re-examines the detailed and vital records gathered by Phil Dickie that informed the Fitzgerald Inquiry to identify the many additional participants involved in producing Queensland’s extensive criminal networks. The analysis will cast new light on the social dynamics driving criminal consorting amongst public officials and fellow offenders by mapping these previously hidden networks.

Mark explains, "The report of the Inquiry concentrates on a slice of social history and the politicians receive a deserved but disproportionate share of the focus. Those of us who were adults at the time knew parts of what was occurring. The Queensland community participated in the illicit economy that the Joke fed off. This broader information is not in the report but will be in this collection. By tracing social networks, criminal associations become transparent, revealing the everyday mechanics by which public institutions and individuals can be corrupted"

Mark's project plans to produce a series of outcomes including a digital repository that will expand the recent history of the Fitzgerald era. The project will aso generate both scholarly and public publications and inform an oral history project being developed by QUT and the Retired Police Officers Association of Queensland.

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