Past winners

Congratulations to our 2018 black&write! Fellows!

In April 2018, Lystra Bisschop and Nardi Simpson were announced as the 2018 black&write! Fellows. Lystra (pictured left), a descendant of the Guugu Yimidhiurr people (Hope Vale) and Birri Gubba people (Mackay), was chosen for her young adult manuscript The Upwelling, a compelling coming-of-age story about a young surfer named Kirra; and Nardi (pictured right), a Yuwaalarayy/Gamilaraay woman and founding member of the Stiff Gins, was selected for her literary fiction manuscript Song of the Crocodile, which follows three generations of an Aboriginal family. 


Lystra Bisschop, 2018 black&write! Fellow


Nardi Simpson, 2018 black&write! Fellow

Past winners


The following entrants were highly commended:

  • Ashleigh Johnstone 
  • Boyd Quakawoot 
  • Jeanine Leane 
  • Waverley Stanley Jnr


  • Jannali Jones, My Father’s Shadow
  • Alison Whittaker, Lemons in the Chicken Wire


  • Adrian Stanley, Could Be Worse
  • Jane Harrison, Becoming Kirrali Lewis


  • Jared Thomas, Calypso Summer
  • Tristan Savage, Rift Breaker
  • Scott Prince and Dave Hartley, Deadly D and Justice Jones: Making the Team


  • Teagan Chilcott, Rise of the Fallen
  • Jillian Boyd (Writer) and Tori-Jay Mordey (Illustrator), Bakir and Bi


  • Ali Cobby-Eckermann, Ruby Moonlight
  • Sue McPherson, Grace Beside Me

To read more about Fellows' winning books, visit our Publications page.