International Year of Indigenous Languages

Yaba dhalgay

Queensland Library Foundation donors have taken a leading role in supporting the United Nations' International Year of Indigenous Languages (IYIL) at State Library, through the Yaba dhalgay (Friends) program.

In recognition of IYIL, State Library has developed a special program of activities to draw attention to the critical loss of indigenous languages and the urgent need to preserve, revitalise and promote them at both national and international levels. The program includes two exhibitions and a host of public and private events and activities — for language professionals and community alike.

Join our group of Yaba dhalgay supporters

You can become a Yaba dhalgay donor with a tax-deductible donation of $5,000. This can take the form of an individual or group gift. You may wish to join together with four friends or family members and make a joint $5,000 donation. Yaba dhalgay is also a great opportunity to engage your work colleagues.  

For information on how to donate, contact the Queensland Library Foundation on 07 3842 9818 or