Crowd Giving 2021

And the winner is ... 


Ameila O'Donnell and the team behind 21st Century Lab; putting Queensland's history under the lens have received $30,000 funding which will allow the conservation lab to 'go digital'. By purchasing a digital optical microscope, staff will have access to new technology to investigate and care for our fragile and unique collections. 

Thank you to everyone who joined us for a lively evening of persuasive pitches and philanthropy, fuelled by the power of crowd funding.

If you missed joining us in person, you can still support these vital projects by making a donation to Queensland Library Foundation. 

2021 Crowd Giving Projects

The Conservation team wins $30,000 with a successful pitch for the 21st Century Lab 

Many of the tools and techniques conservators use are steeped in centuries old traditions like bookbinding or Japanese paper mending. With the funds raised from Crowd Giving 2021, our conservation lab will ‘go digital’, with the purchase of a digital optical microscope, an important tool that aids in the examination of collection materials at a cellular level. Using accurate scientific data informs good decision making for the treatment of our fragile, unique collections, and ensures continued access for many generations to come.  

Kaleidoscope: bringing the Magical World of the Great and Grand Rumpus to children on the autism spectrum

Behold! The Great and Grand Rumpus! An interactive exhibition inspired by the imaginations of Queensland children, full of fantastical creatures, spaces, sounds and sensations. The Kaleidoscope project aims to to include sensory sensitive children in the adventure. Building on proven, long term relationships with Autism Queensland, this expert-led initiative will provide an inclusive, educational and fun program for visitors with autism and their families. If funded, the Kaleidoscope project will allow us to share the fun and fantasy of the Great and Grand Rumpus with children on the autism spectrum, and their families, by creating a safe, sensory appropriate environment.

Preserve a vital piece of Queensland’s history 

In 1892, 200 women in Rockhampton resolved to support the Central Queensland Territorial Separation League, with a petition to be presented to Queen Victoria. The petition is 33 metres long and was signed by 4000 women. Currently too fragile to be made accessible to the public, the scroll is sitting in a box in our ‘rare and restricted’ repository. This hugely significant piece of Queensland’s history is rightly considered one of the treasures of our collections. We need help to preserve it for future generations and to unlock the rich information it contains. Funding will allow conservation work that will enable the lengthy scroll to be conserved and digitised, and will support transcription activities so people can access the knowledge within from anywhere in the world. The scroll is a testament to women’s determination to engage in civic life before they had the right to vote and deserves public viewing.

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