Siganto Foundation Artists’ Books Lecture Series 2016: Part 3 – Victoria Cooper

Dr Victoria Cooper, Siganto Foundation Research Fellow 2015 discusses her research in her lecture titled ‘Montage readings’. Victoria begins with an introduction to her scientific background and the direct relationship that this has on her artistic practice of montage. Her work is historically informed by film & print, political ideas, the Surrealists, poetics and the work of Moholy- Nagy, his design & ‘photoplastics’. She discusses the significance of reading montage by addressing the ‘whole’ - edges, borders and intervals looking for cuts & seams but embracing fusions and seamless edges. She also touches on the dilemma of the accepted definition for the French words ‘montage’ and ‘collage’, providing her own explanation and acknowledging that artists will always make a choice as to which technique applies to their work.

Victoria discusses her survey within the Australian Library of Art, illustrating her lecture with fine examples of Australian and international artists’ books where the technique of montage/collage is fundamental to the book. She concludes recommending artists whose works embrace montage and invites all to visit and view some of the excellent works of montaged artists’ books in the Australian Library of Art.

This event is part of the Siganto Foundation Artists’ Book lecture series 2016.

When: Sun 17th April 2016, 3pm - 4 pm
Venue: SLQ Auditorium 2, level 2