Siganto Foundation Artists’ Books Lecture Series 2016: Part 2 – Guy Begbie

Sonia Cooper CEO & State Librarian welcomes Dr Marie Siganto AM and guests to the Siganto Foundation Artists’ Book Lecture Series 2016. 

The 2016 lecture is given by UK artist Guy Begbie who describes himself as a multidisciplinary artist, bookbinder and university associate lecturer. Guy’s lecture begins and ends with screenings of two of his short films ‘Orange Rumba’ and ‘Bookscape’. Throughout the illustrated lecture Guy describes his artistic practice which is truly multidisciplinary incorporating painting, drawing, print making, sculptural casting, film making and bookbinding. "

This event is part of the Siganto Foundation Artists’ Book lecture series 2016.

When: Sun 17th April 2016, 2pm - 3 pm
Venue: SLQ Auditorium 2, level 2