Siganto Foundation Artists’ Books Lecture Series 2016: Part 1 – Clyde McGill’s performance

Siganto Foundation Creative Fellow Clyde McGill introduces his artists’ book ‘Seven conjectures on looking for place’ through performance. 

Clyde had planned that his friend ‘alloneword’ whom he had met in the John Oxley Library Reading Room would assist him to tell the story of his research ‘Looking for Queensland: the poetry & magic of ephemeral evidence’. Alas ‘alloneword’ does not arrive, although he has left bags of ephemeral evidence as an ‘aide de memoir’ for Clyde. 

This event is part of the Siganto Foundation Artists’ Book lecture series 2016.

When: Sun 17th April 2016, 1:30pm - 2 pm
Venue: SLQ Knowledge Walk, Level 1