Queenslanders in Conversation: paradise lost or paradise found

With the massive changes occurring in our world through digital innovation, theories abound as to what kind of future this will create.

ABC Radio Brisbane's Kelly Higgins-Devine facilitated a discussion between high profile panellists, audience members and online viewers, exploring the plausibility of concrete evidence for both dystopian and utopian future scenario, as well as conspiracy theories.

Meet the panel:

Dr David Tuffley
Dr David Tuffley is a Senior Lecturer in Applied Ethics and SocioTechnical Studies at Griffith University’s School of ICT, and a member of the Institute for Integrated & Intelligent Systems. A regular contributor to mainstream media on the social impact of technology, David is a recognised expert in his field. Before academia David worked as an IT consultant in Australia and the United Kingdom, a role he continues to perform when not educating the next generation of IT professionals.

Cat Sparks
Cat Sparks is a multi-award-winning Australian author, editor and artist whose former employment has included media monitor, political and archaeological photographer, graphic designer, Fiction Editor of Cosmos Magazine and Manager of Agog! Press. She’s currently finishing a PhD in climate change fiction. Her short story collection The Bride Price was published in 2013. Her debut novel, Lotus Blue, will be published by Skyhorse in March 2017.

Jordan Duffy
Jordan Duffy is a millennial serial entrepreneur, technology innovation expert and at the age of 22 co-owns Buckham and Duffy — an innovation and rapid development firm with 14 employees. B&D consults and partners with some of Australia’s largest enterprises. Jordan’s passion for technology and business started at home assembling computers, and his entrepreneurial journey started at age 14 with business partner Alex Buckham. Alex and Jordan have been growing businesses for eight years, meanwhile making impactful influence to policy and government with several G20 groups and as a speaker at the 2014 Brisbane G20.

Dr Marcus Bussey
Marcus is a researcher with the Sustainability Research Centre, University of the Sunshine Coast and a member of the research concentration Arts Research in the Creative Humanities. His work focuses on futures thinking and anticipatory imagination in the context of the struggle to liberate our minds from the shackles of historical bondage. His workshops, research and writing all focus on the quest for individual and collective empowerment and for creative and hopeful pathways to the future. Marcus is currently working on regional futures and focusing on embodied experience as a pathway to personal and social transformation. He is on the editorial board for a number of significant international journals: Journal of Futures Studies, Foresight, On the Horizon, Social Alternatives and World Futures Review.

Part of SLQ’s 2017 theme Digital Futures.

Date: Wed 22 Feb 2017
Venue: SLQ Auditorium 1