Game Changers: in conversation with Marcus Blackmore

Marcus Blackmore took the reins as the Chairman of Blackmores Ltd in 1975 and has made the company a world leader in natural health. Blackmores is a widely recognised public company employing over 900 people in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Blackmores markets the premium brand of vitamin and herbal products under the 'Blackmores' and 'BioCeuticals' labels and is known for its ethical practices and its treatment of staff.

For many years, Marcus has been involved with many charitable and business organisations and has received many awards for his contribution to industry and the community. In 1998, Marcus was inducted as a Member of the Order of Australia.

Transcript of the conversation

This event is part of Game Changers, bringing innovative leaders from business, technology, and creative industries to share their insights with you.

Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame initiative presented by SLQ, QUT Business School and the Queensland Library Foundation.

Date: Wed 11 Nov 2015, 6:00 pm - 08:00 pm 
Venue: SLQ Auditorium 1, level 2