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  • Deepen the Conversation:Fashion and cultural identity

Deepen the Conversation:Fashion and cultural identity

Fashion is an expression of cultural identity. In a multicultural society like Australia, styles are adapted and adopted across ethnic groups and into the mainstream. In the process of settlement, some new residents feel pressured to assimilate whilst others hold onto their traditional dress more tightly. What is the place of traditional dress in new lands, and what does it mean to give it up?

Join Nadia Buick in conversation with fashion designer Juli Grbac, fashion historian Dr Margaret Maynard and Director of the Romero Centre, Faiza El-Higzi, as they share personal stories and explore fashion as a cultural identity and how it influences what we consider to be fashion in Australia and globally.

Presented by the Romero Centre and SLQ, as part of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival