Community engagement

Hack the Evening

Hack the Evening is State Library of Queensland's Thursday evening meetup of makers, tinkers and technologists. A great way to access The Edge resources and meet other like-minded creatives.

The Great and Grand Rumpus

The Great and Grand Rumpus is a community engagement project inviting children from around Brisbane to expand their imaginations to create fantastical stories which take life as huge cardboard sculptures.

Siganto Digital Learning Workshops

The Siganto Digital Learning Workshop program aims to equip recently arrived communities with a personal computer, and the skills needed to use and maintain these.   


Hosted by The Edge at the State Library of Queensland, CitizenJ was a philanthropically funded, pioneering new-media journalism project that offered support, training & publication opportunities.

Fun Palace

Fun Palace is a movement focused on empowering everyone to be an artist or a scientist or both in their community. State Library of Queensland has hosted Fun Palaces for a number of years. 

Games, Zombies and Cardboard Kaiju

Many of the programs at The Edge focus on empowering community to create play based experience through the development of computer games, (life size) boardgames and role playing experience.