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An instructor helps a group of people using laptops in a classroom.
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Deepening Digital Through Libraries

Public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKC) empower communities by providing access to digital skills and resources.  

Deepening Digital Through Libraries is a Queensland initiative that delivers projects, tools, and resources in response to recommendations made in the Digital Inclusion Programs (2016-2022) Evaluation report

The report highlighted the important role public libraries have as accessible digital hubs that build community capability by enabling people to participate in digital environments. 

It included recommendations on how State Library of Queensland can achieve the vision that no one is left behind in the digital age. This includes building the digital skills, abilities, and confidence of public library and IKC staff to support Queensland communities. 

State Library has worked collaboratively with Good Things Foundation Australia and QUT (Queensland University of Technology) to develop two new digital tools - My Digital Skills and the Digital Inclusion Planning Toolkit for use by public libraries and IKCs. 

These tools support Queensland public libraries and IKCs to:  

  • develop local digital inclusion strategies  

  • build and enhance local partnerships 

  • increase community participation by providing digitally inclusive programs and services designed to local needs 

  • respond to changes by building capability and confidence to support changing digital skills gaps among staff and the community. 

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