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Talking often with your child from day one is one of the most important things you can do to help them develop language and communication skills. These are critical skills they'll need forever.

Here are some ideas to make talking more a part of your everyday routine:

  • Talk about what you’re doing, what you can see, and what interests your child.
  • Share or tell stories that interest your child. Repeat favourites again and again.
  • If a word in a book or conversation is unfamiliar, don’t change it or skip it. Instead, show your child a picture, the real object, or an action that lets the child know what the word means. You can also explain it using words or concepts they already understand.
  • Point out symbols, letters and words you see on street signs and posters.
  • Talk about, signs, posters or labels when shopping, and show children recipes and instructions as you follow them together.

Pointing out symbols, letters and words you see on street signs and posters helps to build language skills


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