Top tips for summer fun for your baby, toddler or preschooler

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There are lots of free, fun and cool activities for you to try out during the summer months. Entertain your child and help boost their literacy skills at the same time!

Build vocabulary

If you are playing in the pool (or a cool bath), gently splash your little one as you name different parts of the body. “I am splashing your arm!” This helps to build their vocabulary.

Describe what you are doing as you get ready for a day out. Name parts of the face or body as you apply sunscreen or try changing the words to a familiar nursery rhyme or song to describe what you are doing: “this is the way we put on our hat, put on our hat, put on our hat…” This helps them to learn new words and build their connection with you.

Connect words with meanings

Draw a picture together of your favourite things to do on hot days. You could even draw pictures of what you plan to do that day and help them to connect meanings with words by labelling the different parts of the drawing.

Stuck inside in the air-conditioning on a very hot day? Try making play dough together. Show your child the recipe and describe each step as you go, helping to reinforce the idea that words have different meanings. They can also build their fine motor skills as they make shapes.


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