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Tea and Me

By Administrator | 28 May 2012

My earliest memory of drinking anything was 'tea'. I believe I must have been weaned on tea. Not surprising, as my mother was a veritable tea addict. My father used to joke that if tea was an alcoholic beverage, Mum would never get up off the floor.

When I was studying late hours, my father, Peter McRae, would bring me in a cup of tea before he left for work in the morning. That was very special and I always hoped I'd be able to return the favour. I made my father many cups of tea but was never able to give him an early morning cuppa.

I drink strong tea with the teabag stewed. If I make a pot of tea, I like it to be strong and stand for quite a while. I use a mug. I do not like tea scalding hot the way my mother does. For Mum, the tea has to be made straight from the boiling kettle into the pot and pour. If a teabag - leave the tea bag in whilst carrying to table, add milk and three teaspoons of sugar. My mother would be insulted if offered anything but a cup and saucer.  And, for emphasis, it MUST be HOT!    J.R.Poulter


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