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Taking Care of Business

By Administrator | 31 July 2017

Business Studio, image contributed by SLQ staff member

Business Studio, image contributed by SLQ staff member

Having recently been transferred to the Business Studio at SLQ I was amazed at the amount of resources that are now freely available for any budding entrepreneur to utilise.

I ran a small business prior to becoming a Library Technician and I would have loved to have had access to so much fantastic material under the one roof.

From the wonderful array of books covering all aspects of business to the free mentoring provided by our highly regarded ‘Entrepreneurs in Residence’ and the jaw droppingly comprehensive online resources, it really is a one stop shop for anyone interested in any aspect of business.

Another highlight is the ‘Lunch Box Forums’ held fortnightly, every second Wednesday, in the Business Studio. Guest speakers from the Business community are invited to give a talk on their chosen topic and there is always a lively Q & A session held afterwards. Many of the regulars tell me that they can gain valuable knowledge that is transferable to their own ideas and dreams even if the topic is seemingly beyond their purview.

I think the operative word here though is free. Free access to Business grade Wi-Fi, free access to one on one time with our business mentors, free business seminars, free access to IBIS World industry reports, free access to our library research team, free access to our stellar online resources and books, and of course no registration fees. If all you have is a great idea and a pocketful of brass razoo’s then the word free is like a heavenly symphony to your ears.

The truly inspiring thing for me though is the breadth of endeavours that our regulars are attempting to tackle. The enduring mythology of the Gordon Gecko’s of the world has been tipped on its head as evidenced by the humanitarian scope our entrepreneurs are seeking to unleash on the world.

The business studio is fairly crackling with creativity as issues such as the environment, education, technology, law, health and agriculture are all being pursued with gusto by men and women of all ages. I’m sure that making some money along the way would be in the equation but it doesn’t seem to be the driving force behind their motivation which really gives me hope for the future.

SLQ staff member David McMahon, contributed by SLQ staff member

SLQ staff member David McMahon, contributed by SLQ staff member

As a customer service professional I spend my time building rapport with the regulars and lavishing my time on the newcomers as if they were extended family. It has helped to break down some of the natural shyness that seems to abound in shared spaces where people don’t know each other and has led to some interesting conversations.

I’m now on a first name basis with a lot of the regulars and have gently managed to tease out their areas of expertise. This knowledge allows me to personally tailor the research that I do to specifically target and support their ideas to help them reach their goals.

A Library Technician’s role isn’t the highest rung on the Information Science ladder but it’s an incredibly rewarding role and one I wouldn’t trade for the world.

The Business Studio is located at ground level around the corner from reception and is open Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm.

David McMahon
Library Technician, Visitor Services


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