Sharing stories together using your tablet

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Research tells us that sharing stories together every day may be the most important thing you can do to prepare your child for learning to read and write.

When you share stories, you introduce new words and concepts. When you talk about the pictures, words, characters or the story your conversations boost your child's brain development and help to reinforce your special bond. The benefits of reading together are enormous!

Sharing stories using your tablet is a helpful way to access new books to read and can be appealing for little ones who have seen older siblings or family members using their devices.

A different way to share stories

If you're in need of some new stories, Queensland families have free access to the Kindergo reading app until 1 December. It's a locally made app featuring stories for children 2-7. You'll be able to follow along as each word is spoken aloud and see the pages being turned as the story progresses.

    Get the most out of your shared reading time

    Back and forth conversations between you and your child are also referred to as a process of "serve and return", and it has amazing benefits for your child's brain development. The great news is you can do it right from birth: responding to your baby's facial expressions and sounds are your first conversations together!

    Try asking what your child thinks a character is feeling, or ask them if the story or picture reminds them of a memory (it could be a recent holiday you have had, or visiting family members on the weekends). Remember to pause and give them time to respond, and to acknowledge their answers (even if it's just coos and gurgles at this stage!).

    Learn more about the benefits of sharing stories


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