Share a meal to catch up and check in

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Meal times are great opportunities for everyone to catch up, connect and share stories about their day, whether it’s sitting around the dinner table, sharing a weekend barbecue or stopping to enjoy afternoon tea (or all three!).

Connecting in and communicating as a family can really boost young children’s development and language. Even if it’s a semi-regular event, or not everyone can make it every time, it’s worth a try and can be lots of fun!

Taking time to come together as a family can give children a sense of belonging and value, especially when you show an interest and ask about their day.  

Young children might not be able to articulate what they’ve been up to, but you can always narrate their day and share with others at the table. If you are talking about what they’ve done, pause and give them an opportunity to be involved or to respond.

    Even if your child is not old enough to participate in the conversation, they will still be observing how conversations work and how we use words to communicate.   

    To help prompt conversation during mealtimes you might like to ask these open-ended questions: 

    • What was the best part of your day? 

    • What was the funniest thing that happened today? 

    • What’s your favourite food and why? 

    There are wonderful benefits to sharing a meal together. Queensland Health has more ideas for sharing healthy meals together as a family.

    More brain-boosting ideas inspired by food

    Preparing and sharing meals can be lots of fun and are filled with opportunities for learning and development for your child


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