Raising a reader

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A simple way to help raise a child who loves to read is to have lots of books around the house. Studies have shown that children who are surrounded by books in their house develop not only develop a love of reading, but an increase in vocabulary and comprehension. 

Placing books in the right locations

Try placing books within easy reach of your child or baby. You might even like to place them with your children's toys as a way of introducing books into play. 

Follow your baby's lead

If you’re concerned about pages being treated roughly, role model how you turn the page when you share a story with your little one. Alternatively, you might start with sturdy board books or plastic/fabric bath books and then transition to traditional picture books as your child gets older. That way, your baby can “read” in their own way.

Your baby may only sit still for a few pages, turn the pages quickly or only want to look at one picture and then be done. Often babies just like to mouth or suck the book, instead of reading it. Don’t panic as this is all part of learning about books. 

Incorporate books into everyday life 

As a way of incorporating books into everyday life try having them available in the car or pack them in your bag to be pulled out while you wait at the doctors. Don’t wait for bedtime, books can be shared throughout the day, even when you are out and about. Remember you don’t have to own hundreds of books: just join your local library and borrow all the books you need for free!

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