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We’re all born as scientists – start exploring! 

World Science Festival Brisbane starts this month and it's a great reminder to share and encourage your child’s natural urge to explore the world around them.   

Young children are naturally curious and often make the best scientists. This starts from birth as they mouth new objects, track movements with their eyes and explore their own fingers and toes (and anything else they can reach!). Once they can talk, there are often endless questions on how their world works. Encourage this curiosity and learning by exploring the science in the everyday world together.     

Bathtime is a great time for science and fun!

Ideas to try at home 

  • Try taking a walk in the garden with your little scientist. You can talk about the seasons, and how sunshine and water help plants grow. You might like to search for ants, beetles and bugs, and you can talk about the important part they play in keeping gardens healthy and happy.    
  • At bath time, bring different objects into the tub to see if they will sink or float. Ask your little one to talk about what they think will happen and why. These are called predictions. You can introduce words like “weight”, “volume”, “heavy”, “light” and of course “float” and “sink”.   
  • Let your child experiment with paint. Try using primary colours like red, yellow, and blue. Get them to predict what colours they will create when they mix them together.  

For more science-based ideas check out this article about STEAM play. It’s never too early to start!  

If you live in Brisbane you might like to join a Listen and Learn Together- Play for under 5’s session at the World Science Festival.  

Books that promote science for young children 

A seed is sleepy by Diana Aston 

The importance of green by Leonie Agnew 

Who sank the boat by Pamela Allen   

How big were dinosaurs by Lita Judge 

Ada Twist, scientist by Andrea Beaty 

National Geographic big book of space by Catherine D Hughes 

National Geographic little kids first big book of why by Amy Shields

World Science Festival Brisbane runs from 24-28 March 2021. Learn more


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