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Stories don’t always need to come from books. Children love a made-up story too, especially when they star in it.  

Bedtime can be a time when everyone is tired. You may be struggling to come up with a story, get stuck part way through or have story time stage fright, but it is a special time for you and your child. If you need a little help at bedtime, try these prompts to help you snuggle in and share your story. 

Go back in time 

Children love to hear about ‘the olden days’ so tell a story about when you were young! Talk about your favourite toy, your first day at school or a holiday adventure. You could even use a photo as a prompt. You’ll have a nice trip down memory lane too! 

Make it personal 

Children love being in a story too. Name the main character after your child and include their favourite pet, toy, or activity in the plot. Referencing personal experiences not only brings joy it also helps your child understand the world and their place in it. 

Keep it simple 

Plan a simple setting (for example, a forest, beach, space, or castle), and keep your plot simple with a beginning, a middle and an end. When stories are told in predictable patterns, children are better able to attach meaning, problem solve and make connections. You’ll be helping them build their oral language and story comprehension skills. 

Keep it short 

If you’re feeling tired, keep your story short and add suspense by concluding with ‘Part 2’ the following night.  

Change it up 

If you’re in need of inspiration, tell a familiar tale with your own changes and personalisation. Children love to hear the same stories over and over. You’ll test their attention skills when you introduce some changes. 

Use funny voices 

Throw in some funny voices and your child will be begging for more! The worse you are, the funnier they’ll find it. 

And then…  

Involve your child in the storytelling by taking turns. Start by setting the scene and then let your child choose the ending. You’ll be helping them to express themselves, use their imagination and they’ll get an added confidence boost … all from the comfort of bed! 

Stories are small moments in time, but the impact will last a lifetime, so snuggle in and have some fun! 

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