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Things to do while at you stay at home

These activities are not just fun but are a great way of engaging with your child and encouraging conversation. Spending time indoors with your little one day after day can be very hard, no matter how prepared you might be. 

Going for a daily walk with your little one is a great way to relieve some of the stress, and to get rid of excess energy for your children. You might even like to play some games during your walk:

  • Walking Bingo:  Pick things that you see regularly on your walk, like dogs, people on bikes or birds. Each time someone sees a dog they have to shout ‘BINGO!’ and then describe what they saw.
  • Simon Says: Everyone takes a turn being Simon and gets to decide on an action. Simon says, everyone skipping, jumping or hopping. This active game helps children link words to actions.
  • Sign Says: Check out street signs for letters in your child’s name or houses with numbers that match your child’s age. Awareness of letters and numbers will help your child start to notice them in other places too.

And hopefully at the end of the walk you’re little one might need a rest.


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