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Wherever you are, chances are you'll see print in the environment around you. Noticing words in the world around them helps your child learn about the different ways writing is used to share messages.

Noticing signs and words when you're out and about

Invite your child to help you find words when you are out and about. Look for street signs, road signs, billboards, shop signage, words on machinery, equipment and clothing labels. 

Talk with your child about any images, icons or shapes you see and then share the words that accompany them. Explain the meaning of the sign and its purpose, and chat about the way that words we see when we're out give us important information: they tell us about a product, give us directions, and help to keep us safe.

You could also introduce the idea that letters have sounds but pointing out the fist letter of a sign and the sound it makes.

Labels and signs around the home

Try labelling things around your home. This can help kids get used to the idea that words have meanings. You might like to add a little picture next to the word to help them understand what it means.

You could also show your child the labels on food or a list you've written. They might like to help you write a shopping list, or create their own to-do list for the day!


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