Indulge your love of fashion with the Vogue Archive

Browsing through the exquisite images of the Vogue Archive is a must for any fashion devotee or budding designer. Available through our website, this wonderful resource provides a valuable and fascinating insight into fashion, society, art and culture over the last century.

In 1892, Vogue started as a weekly society paper for New York’s elite. When Condé Nast bought the publication in 1909, it quickly changed to a fortnightly publication focused on fashion, increasing in size and quality, and evolving into the slick monthly magazine we’re familiar with today.

The Vogue Archive contains all issues of the US edition of Vogue — from the first issue published on 17 December 1892 (costing just 10 cents), to the current issue of the iconic glossy magazine. Every page is reproduced as a high-resolution colour image.

You can choose to browse through any issue of the magazine or, if you’re after a particular article, or looking for material on a certain topic, you can view individual items such as articles, advertisements and pictures.

All the material has been indexed thoroughly, enabling you to search for brands, designer names, contributor names or garment types. As the images are also indexed, you can search for pictures using keywords for fashion items (such as miniskirt, ankle boot or sari), the person pictured, brand, designer or even materials used (such as silk, jacquard or leather). Searches can also be limited by the journal editor, photographers, stylists and illustrators, making it easy to pinpoint specific material.

Vogue’s legendary covers featured art by leading artists and illustrators of the day, and provided a public forum for modern art movements such as Art Deco and cubism in the 1920s.

Innovative photography changed the face of Vogue’s covers in the 1930s and 1940s, making the magazine an icon of photographic style as well as reflecting the changing fashion and culture through the decades.

Looking back through the Vogue Archive gives a superb overview of fashion’s history — from corseted gowns, the feminine styles of Dior and chic Parisian trends, to the simpler, more practical fashions of today.  Vogue is also a rich source of documentation of social change, with articles by leading literary figures and thinkers, such as Evelyn Waugh and Winston Churchill, as well as feature articles about prominent women such as Jackie Kennedy, and popular figures, from Audrey Hepburn to Rihanna.

The Vogue Archive is an exceptional resource for students of fashion, popular culture, textiles, photography, design, and advertising. Of course it’s also enjoyable to just sit back and browse through the beautiful images and interesting articles of the past 122 years.

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Happy browsing!

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