How do you choose the right books for different ages?

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Follow your child’s lead! Children will happily choose books they're interested in to share with you if given the opportunity.

If they choose a magazine, coffee table book, or a picture book with lots of text, talk about the pictures together and make up your own stories. Ask questions, make comments and talk about what's happening, and invite your child to turn the pages.

Follow your child's interests when choosing books


Books that have large pictures on each page are easy for babies to focus on. Babies love seeing pictures of other babies and children. Choose books with actions you and your baby can do together. Try propping up a book for them to look at during tummy time.


Choose books with predictable storylines or repeated phrases so your toddler can feel like they are reading with you. Toddlers love being in charge of "lifting the flap" books. Books with characters that make sounds and noises are always exciting to share with your toddler.


Picture books about things that interest your child, including Junior Non-Fiction books, build their knowledge and vocabulary about particular topics. Choose books with interesting and complex words, then explain them by connecting it to something your child already knows. For example, "The tiger is trying to camouflage himself by hiding in the stripy leaves so the other animals can’t see him. It's just like that stick insect we saw blended into the tree bark at the park yesterday."

Visit the local library with your child so they can choose the books they love sharing with you.


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