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Gaming away the leadership gap

By Administrator | 12 July 2016

"Is gamification the “next big thing” for training programs? If so, why? Learn how leading-edge organizations are infusing gaming into the mix, the results, and how you can make it happen where you work.

What do Candy Crush, the game of chess, and airline pilots have to do with leadership development?

According to behavioral research, there is more of a connection than you might think. Part of what makes conquering cartoon villains or treasuring imaginary coins so captivating are the basic mechanics common to all games. These game mechanics can dramatically increase intrinsic motivation. These same drivers are present in the methods chess masters use to build their expertise and in the way pilots learn from simulations. And they can provide insightful learning and development opportunities for leaders." Read more

Kelly Monahan, Cary Harr, Marjorie Knight, & John Crump Deloitte University Press 19 May 2016


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