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Embrace the tradition of Children’s Book Week in a way that matters to you.  It’s not all about costumes and book parades, it’s a yearly celebration and focus on reading that everyone looks forward to, children and adults alike.  Children’s Book Council of Australia’s aim is to have children look back with fond memories and continue reading as a hobby later in life. If we read aloud to children, share favourite stories, and encourage them to make their own through writing and play, we teach them to dream and understand the world around them.   

Discover ways you can share some of the Children’s Book Week shortlisted stories at home.    

What Do You Call Your Grandma? 

by Ashleigh Barton and Martina Heiduczek 

About the book  

The story celebrates the wonderful relationships between children and their grandmothers. Each Grandmother is unique and known by different names, revealing details about family life in their homes around the world.  

Ideas for sharing this book at home  

Read aloud the different words for grandma in other languages (from the list at the back of the book).   

Share with your little one what you call your grandmother and talk about what they call theirs?  Talk about some of the special things they might do with their grandma. Are there any unique things that she has taught them?   

Visit the First 5 Forever website to explore resources in other languages.    

Jetty Jumping 

by Andrea Rowe and Hannah Sommerville

About the book  

While Milla’s friends take big, brave jumps off the jetty, Milla stays on the blistering wood, scared of what lurks below. But when Milla accidentally falls off the edge, she discovers the beauty of the deep, dark sea – and her summer changes forever.  

Ideas for sharing this book at home  

Talk about whether you like water and jumping and ask your child what other kinds of places might be as fun as the jetty.   

There are lots of descriptive words that explain how the characters jump in the water.  Torpedo, twirls, belly-whacks, flips. Share how you and your little one would jump in the water.   

In one part of the story, it shows that Clementine ‘teapots’ one of her dives. Do you know there is a song about teapots?  Sing along to I’m a little teapot and try the teapot actions too.      

Look for things around the house that remind you of summer and the beach. Think buckets, spades, hat or sunscreen.  Dress up! Better yet, make splashes in the bath or take a trip to the beach.      

Amira’s Suitcase

by Vikki Conley and Nicky Johnston  

About the book  

It begins with a tiny seed growing inside a suitcase. With Amira’s care, the tiny seed starts to sprout. Find out what happens when kindness flourishes ... Amira’s Suitcase is a gentle, thought-provoking tale about friendship and hope.  

Ideas for sharing this book at home  

As you move through sharing the story, can you spot what’s peeking out of Amira’s suitcase? Watch closely as it grows on each page.    

A little garden can bring so much joy.  Perhaps you might like to plant your own little treasure and watch it grow.  Try cress or chives as they are great quick climbing plants.  You may even like to find your own unusual ‘pot’ for a plant you already own and give it a new home in an old boot, toy or suitcase!    

Explore more beautiful greenery with another great book to read, Jack and the Beanstalk.    

If you want to dive deeper and share more stories,  your local library will have access to Storybox, a website where children can view a selection of the books from the Children’s Book Council of Australia Awards by great storytellers. 


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