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TCAH Frankie

The Corner at Home: Weaving

2 October 2020 | State Library of Queensland

Hello and welcome to The Corner at Home Activities. Today’s activity is inspired by Weaving!

Kids - big and little, process complex information when we are engaged in play and having fun, so let’s put on our best imaginative, playful hats together. 

Let’s get started! Join Frankie and start experimenting with weaving. Weaving is when you take a piece of material and join it with something else just by moving it in and out or up and down… no glue required. Using a collection of found objects from around the house encourage your little people to explore patterns, shapes and colours with this fun open-ended play activity. Weaving might be a little tricky at first but it’s a fun way to practice your hand eye coordination which is what you need for tying shoe laces, doing up buttons or using a pencil.

What equipment and materials are needed?  

Use materials and objects found in your home environment:

  • Material or string

  • household items such as a fork, colander or chair 

  • sticks, grass or leaves.


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