The Corner at Home Activities: Musical Instruments

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Hello and welcome to The Corner at Home Activities. Today’s activity is inspired by musical instruments!

Kids - big and little, process complex information when we are engaged in play and having fun, so let’s put on our best imaginative, playful hats together. 

Let’s get started! Join Tim as we search for ways to make musical instruments from household items. Experiment using different sounds with the little people in your home - playing along with music, games or dress ups is a really great way to bond with your children and forge lifelong connections to creativity.

Experiment with different sounds in your home.

What equipment and materials are needed?  

Use materials and objects found in your home environment:

  • Pots, pans or containers

  • toilet roll or cardboard tube

  • baking paper

  • rubber band

  • bottle to fill with rice, sand or rocks.


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THANK YOU!!!! ****** this was brilliant .... some new ideas .... we've been using pegs from the peg basket.

Gram and Jai