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TCAH map my world

The Corner at Home Activities: Mapping my world

7 August 2020 | State Library of Queensland

Map Making Activity

Hello and welcome to The Corner at Home Activities. Today’s activity is inspired by the maps we see and use every day. Maps make a world full of textures and shapes into a 2-dimensional (2D) representation – meaning it’s made flat on a page! Maps are all around us and they are useful in making a big space into miniature pictures. 

Kids - big and little, process complex information when we are engaged in play and having fun, so let’s put on our best imaginative, playful hats together. 

Let’s get started! Today, join Deanna on a map making adventure and learn how to make your own maps. We will encourage children to document their discoveries by interacting in a fun and friendly open-ended play activity. Follow the steps so that you can become a confident cartographer, that’s the really fancy way to say, “someone who draws maps.”

What materials and equipment will you need?

Use materials and objects found in your home environment:

  • Plain paper or card for the base of your map 
  • old magazines or brochures 

  • scissors 

  • coloured pens, crayons or pencils 

  • Blu-tak or glue to stick down cut out shapes. 

  • measuring tape or ruler to record a more accurate representation (optional). 


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