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TCAH hats

The Corner at Home Activities: Hats

16 October 2020 | State Library of Queensland

Hello and welcome to The Corner at Home Activities. Today’s activity is inspired by hats!

Kids - big and little, process complex information when we are engaged in play and having fun, so let’s put on our best imaginative, playful hats together. 

Let’s get started! Join Vanessa and start experimenting with different materials to construct your own hat, take a look around at what you can find in your own home to design your very own creation. Imaginary play is important for your little one, encourage them to dress up and you could even explore different hats and designs from all over the world!

What equipment and materials are needed?  

Use materials and objects found in your home environment:

  • cardboard - old cereal box, magazine cover or folder

  • glue

  • scissors

  • sticky tape

  • stapler

  • recycled pieces for decoration


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