Collaborate with a Queensland writer at Big Day of Belonging

On 18 June the State Library of Queensland will be transformed into a craft market with a difference, playing host to music, food, workshops and some innovative library learning activities including three ‘Story Swap Shops’ and a ‘Human Library’. These programs explore different ways to share our personal stories and experiences, feeding into the State Library’s yearlong theme of belonging. Kirsten Fogg, also known as Miss Kiki, is an independent writer who will be hosting one of the Story Swap Shops at the Big Day.

‘I started researching and writing about belonging because I felt I didn’t belong, which is common to many artists and a stimulus for us as well. Through my research, and listening to so many stories, I’ve come to understand that my belonging comes from connecting on a very deep and honest level with another human being that I may not know and may never see again. In a sense, my belonging is fleeting, ephemeral, and comes from giving a tiny welcome of belonging to others.’

Born in Canada, Kirsten has spent more than half her life in other countries, honing her skills as a writer. Her essays have been published in literary journals in Canada and the US and she is currently working on a Radio drama with ABC’s Radiotonic. During May, she collected stories across Brisbane including here at the State Library of Queensland.

Miss Kiki in action. Photo credit: Kirsten Fogg.

Miss Kiki in action. Photo credit: Kirsten Fogg.

‘I became the Pop-Up Story Catcher and Writer - Out Of - Residence as a way to collect people’s stories of belonging and not, to meet people I wouldn’t normally meet, and really listen to what they’re telling me. I love listening to people’s stories and talking with new people. I always have. So now when I meet people anywhere — on the plane, in a cafe, at the SLQ, I ask them about belonging.’

‘Belonging is a basic human need. Studies have proven that we’re healthier, smarter and find more meaning in our lives when we belong. Yet, one-third of the population in western countries (Australia, UK, US, Canada etc) feels isolated or alone.’

During her session last week, Miss Kiki spoke to Eva Ruggiero: ‘When I go back home, every trip and every time, there’s been a greater sense of distance, a greater gap, since I’ve been away. That feeling of belonging is so fluid and keeps changing. Where do I belong?... I think everyone is afraid that they don’t belong. .. as much as belonging is a loving word…it’s only fear that holds people back from belonging.’

To read more and check out other unique stories about belonging, check out Miss Kiki’s blog.

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