Celebrate Make Music Day by singing with your little one

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You can sing nursery rhymes, make music, have fun and turbo charge your child's learning through music! Become a rock star in your child’s eyes with our tips to get the most out of singing, dancing and making lots of noise together. You can also join the fun on Make Music Day on Sunday 21 June and celebrate music for all ages - from birth onwards! Make Music Day was launched in 1982 and is now held in over 120 countries.

Young children are drawn to singing and best of all it’s a great way to boost their learning. If you’re daunted by the idea of singing to your baby or child, try singing nursery rhymes. They are easy to remember, have lots of repetition and introduce new words and concepts. 

To get the most out of singing with your child, try these tips:

  •  Try turning so your little one around so they can see your mouth forming the words and hear every sound you make
  •  Use songs with actions so that your child can connect words with meanings
  •  If rhymes have actions help your little ones by guiding their hands or showing them what to do. For young children do the action on their arm or tummy
  • You may not think you’re the best singer, but your child thinks you are so embrace being their superstar!
  • Give your child a chance to hear the words by slowing the speed down, this will allow them to respond to what you are singing
  • If you are out and about and your little one is tired and cranky, try singing nursery rhymes to help calm them down. Music is great for stress
  • If you can’t remember the words of the song, it’s okay to make up silly words. Your child will love this 
  • Let your little one choose the songs you sing, this lets them express themselves 
  • You might get sick of singing the same song repeatedly, but your child won’t. Repetition is how they learn
  • Most importantly: have fun!

Looking for nursery rhyme suggestions?

Here are some classic nursery rhymes to sing with your child: 

  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  • Incy Wincey Spider (help your child do the actions)
  • The Wheels on the Bus (great for singing in the car)
  • Five Little Ducks (try substituting cats or dogs)
  • Heads and Shoulders Knees and Toes (this song helps children learn body parts)
  • Old MacDonald Had a Farm (have some fun and make farm animal sounds)

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