Building the foundations of language with music and singing

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Young children love to sing and play, which is not just good fun but also helps develop the left side of the brain which is responsible for language and reasoning development.

Build singing and dancing in to your day for lots of fun as well as a range of early literacy benefits.

Incorporating music and singing into young children’s everyday activities doesn’t have to be complex and can be done anywhere at any time.

As you go about your day try singing simple songs about what you are doing: “This is the way we wash our face”, “This the way we brush our teeth” or “This is the way we sweep the floor”. Ask your child to give you suggestions about what you can sing together.

Singing is also an ideal distraction especially when you are out and about doing jobs that young children find boring. The next time you’re at the shops and your child is about to have a meltdown, try singing a song with them. The sillier the words the better!

More singing and music activities to try

  • Turn your lounge room into a party and dance with your child, this helps them together.  discover what their bodies can do and builds their coordination and physical skills.
  • Fill empty container or bottles with rice or seeds to make shakers
  • Empty the pot cupboard for an instant drum set
  • Make up silly songs together using rhyming words

Additional resources

Learn more about making homemade instruments and the value of music play in early childhood: 

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