Bitcoin as a constitution

Nobody will ever know whether Satoshi thought that bitcoin would maximize world’s happiness, from an utilitarian point of view, or because he thought financial sovereignty is an end worth pursuing in itself, as a libertarian.

One thing is certain: The inherent technical design of Bitcoin was done intentionally to protect financial sovereignty of its users. You are free from coercion with plausible deniability, and you are free to spend your Bitcoin without divulging your identification, given that your merchant agrees with it.

I propose that Bitcoin should be considered as a constitution whose only fundamental principle is financial sovereignty enforced by design.

Enforcing a constitution solely by the people, has been shown to not be possible. The consitution can be rewritten by the politicians in power, or at the point of a gun. Which is why Bitcoin as a constitution enforced by design is an interesting concept. Read more

Nicolas Dorier - Medium - 25 Apr 2017


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