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Another cup of tea

By Administrator | 4 June 2012

It’s an Aussie institution
The proverbial cuppa tea,
The panacea for everything
No matter WHAT it be!

The house burnt down, there’s nothing left -
Sure as eggs ‘re eggs you’ll see
The neighbours ’ll ask you over
For a helpful cuppa tea.

The car just crashed, the Ambulance come,
Look you over and agree
That what you REALLY need right now
Is a good STRONG cuppa tea!

The leader of the local pack’s
Made your daughter a Mum-to-Be,
You invite him in for a ‘little talk’
And a LOVELY cuppa tea!

Disaster on the building site,
The whole darn lot’s KAPLOOOIE!
You give a shrug, call ‘SMOKO’
And a nice L-O-N-G cuppa tea!

Your wife’s taken off with the grocer,
The reason being you see,
He was always offering her
ANOTHER cuppa tea!

No matter what your problem,
How darn awful things might be,
There’s always this consolation -
You can drown ’em ALL in tea!

And should the world PHUUUT! KABOOM!
I know where TRUE Aussies’ll be,
Settling back to watch it with

J.R.McRAE ‘94


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