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Ephemeral art activity

Kids - big and little, process complex information when we are engaged in play and having fun, so let’s put on our best imaginative and playful hats together.

Let’s get started! Today, join Mari as she forages in the gardens around the State Library of Queensland.

Ephemeral Art or found object art means it only lasts for a short time, making this a great activity to really focus on the creative process of making. Use materials and objects found in your home environment. There are endless opportunities for play and creativity, which can be used to share your stories.

    Enjoy the fun of making our ephemeral art activity 

    What equipment and material are needed? 

    The items you can use to make your ephemeral art are items found in your own home:  

    • Empty container or bag to collect materials
    • Towel, sheet or placemat – for background/framing (optional)
    • Pen and paper to write down stories that accompany the artwork
    • Camera to document the artwork
    • A variety of natural, found materials from your backyard environment (i.e. leaves, seeds, stones, sticks, bark, shells, etc).
    • Additional/alternative found materials (i.e. recycled or household items, non-breakable & child-safe materials like wood, plastic, paper, fabric, etc).

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