Ages 12–15

Ages 12–15

How to write a book in three hours

Do you have a book inside of you that’s dying to get out? Ticketed | Bookings essential

VR club

3-day workshop to development skills to build and explore a virtual reality environment. Ticketed | Bookings essential

Movie bots

In this half-day workshop, create a short film featuring robotic stars you have learned to code! Ticketed | Bookings essential

Manga illustration workshop

Discover the styles and techniques of this unique art form originating from Japanese comic books. Ticketed | Bookings essential

Escape room

Solve puzzles and crack clues to find and escape as the clock ticks down. Free | Bookings essential

Games lounge

From boardgames with some complexity to a good, clean game of UNO. Free | Bookings not required

Summer Festival

Free and ticketed activities and adventures
14 Dec 2019 – 25 Jan 2020
Throughout State Library