Indigenous Advisory Group

The Indigenous Advisory Group (IAG) acts as an independent advisory group to the Library Board of Queensland to support the achievement of a guiding principle in the Libraries Act 1988 that respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures are affirmed.

The IAG provides advice to the Library Board on the development of library services for Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples, including the ongoing collection of material and information relating to Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples and ensuring that access to this material is undertaken in a culturally sensitive, inclusive and appropriate manner as outlined in the State Library of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Collections Commitments.


  • Mr Michael Aird, Research Fellow School of Social Science, The University of Queensland
  • Ms Cheryl Buchanan, Member, Library Board of Queensland
  • Ms Henrietta Marrie AM, Professor, University of Queensland
  • Ms Rhianna Patrick, Head of Audio and Podcasts, IndigenousX
  • Ms Patricia Thompson, Chief Executive Officer, Link-Up
  • Ms Denise Andrews, Director, Culture and Community Policy, Strategy Policy and Legislation, Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships (DATSIP)
  • Ms Vicki McDonald AM FALIA, State Librarian and Chief Executive Officer, State Library of Queensland