Library Board of Queensland

The Library Board is the governing body of State Library of Queensland and draws its powers from the Libraries Act 1988.

The object of this Act is to contribute to the cultural, social and intellectual development of all Queenslanders. The Library Board is committed to improving access to information and knowledge for all Queenslanders. The Board periodically travels outside of Brisbane to keep informed about local issues and to strengthen relationships with local councils and the community.

The Library Board is governed by the  Library Board of Queensland Governance Framework and has adopted the Queensland Public Service Code of Conduct which all members uphold.

Professor Andrew Griffiths (Chairperson)

Andrew Griffiths is the Executive Dean, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law at The University of Queensland, and is the current Chair of the Library Board of Queensland. He is an internationally recognised scholar with research areas including the management of corporate change and innovation, and strategic issues relating to the pursuit of corporate sustainability and adaption to climate change.

Libraries are great enablers of access, can help bridge the digital divide and help create opportunities. Libraries enable people to connect and enrich our communities.

Emeritus Professor Tom Cochrane AM (Deputy Chairperson)

Tom Cochrane AM was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for his service to library and information management, and to education through digital learning initiatives. He is currently an Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology, working in the research field of Intellectual Property and Innovation, and the Deputy Chair of the Library Board of Queensland. Tom is also a Fellow of the Australian Library and Information Association, Director at the Australian Digital Alliance and a former Queensland Museum Board Member.

I have a lifelong deep connection with libraries, not only as a childhood user, but someone whose working life began in one. As institutions they express the achievements of humankind, culturally, historically, scientifically and creatively. As human society evolves and progresses, flourishing and effective libraries are great markers of that progress.

Professor Anita Heiss

Anita Heiss is a prolific author of non-fiction, historical fiction, commercial women’s fiction, poetry, social commentary and travel articles. Anita is an Ambassador for the GO Foundation and a Lifetime Ambassador of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. She is a former Board Member and Chair of the Australian Society of Authors and is currently Professor of Communications at The University of Queensland. Anita was a finalist in the 2012 Human Rights Awards and the 2013 Australian of the Year Awards. Growing Up Aboriginal In Australia, edited by Anita, was the Small Publishers' Adult Book of the Year, ABIA Awards 2019.

Libraries are where I draw information and knowledge. They are a research centre for my work, and a supportive environment to write drafts and edit manuscripts. Libraries bring together my readers to share in storytelling. To me libraries are the ultimate community hub.

Professor Marek Kowalkiewicz

Marek Kowalkiewicz is the Chair in Digital Economy as well as the head of Embracing the Digital Age research pillar at QUT and is an academic and industry leader with extensive experience conducting academically sound research in the digital economy field. He has led significant technology and innovation research projects and co-invented with industry and university partners to deliver ground-breaking technologies to market. In the past, Marek worked for SAP Australia, SAP Americas and SAP Asia, and Microsoft Research Asia.

I think of libraries as places of learning and self-enrichment. Places of silence and focus, but also places where we let our imaginations loose. Places to reconnect with ourselves, our past, to connect with others. To me, libraries are a catalyst, helping communities grow and reach their full potential.

Cr Julia Leu

Julia Leu is a local council veteran with over 20 years' experience and has been Mayor of the Douglas Shire Council since 2014. She has also worked in community services and education and holds a Masters of Business Administration. Julia is an advocate for regional communities, holding positions on the Australian Coastal Councils Association, Regional Development Australia, Far North Queensland and Torres Strait Inc, North Queensland Local Government Association. She is the local government representative on the Library Board of Queensland.

These days libraries are vibrant social and community hubs, offering an increasing range of innovative community-focused educational and creative activities. The diversity in modern libraries continues to impress and amaze me, and I encourage the community to get involved in your local library and help make it even better.

Mr Malcolm McMillan

Malcolm McMillan has over 40 years' experience across the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors in stakeholder relations, international business, corporate communications, policy analysis, strategy, and corporate governance. He was a Board Director of the North Sydney-based Mary MacKillop Foundation for five years. Malcolm has an interest in global and local public affairs. He has completed oral history interviews with 10 prominent Australian political, legal and business leaders for the National Library of Australia.

Libraries are an information treasure chest, and relevant from the youngest to the oldest in our community. Libraries are exciting institutions as they positively respond to new access opportunities through technology innovations. The rich history and heritage of Queenslanders and in particular Indigenous Queenslanders must wherever possible be recorded by State Library of Queensland.

Mrs Tamara O'Shea

Tamara O’Shea has over 20 years of public sector experience, including roles at the Director-General and senior executive levels, and is currently the Interim Administrator of the Logan City Council. She was Director-General of the Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs as well as the Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing. Tamara's career has involved governance oversight of key statutory bodies, including Racing Queensland and Stadiums Queensland and she has extensive experience operating in complex and rapidly evolving environments. She has a particular interest in corporate governance, strategic policy analysis and creative problem solving.

Libraries are like a life-long friend. As a young child they nurtured my curiosity and fuelled my imagination.  As a student they partnered in my study and furthered my education. As a parent they helped me to see the world again through the young eyes of my daughters. Like a good friend they will continue to share my life’s journey as wonderful places of discovery, learning and community.

Associate Professor Sandra Phillips

A member of the Wakka Wakka and Gooreng Gooreng nations in Queensland, Sandra is a member of the Indigenous professoriate at the University of Technology Sydney. Her research interest lies in Indigenous creativity and she is published in diverse outlets. Sandra is a director of the board of the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) and a member of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS). 

As a child, my local library in country Queensland provided a window to a world I could not yet see beyond the pages of books. Books and other cultural forms allow us to see versions of ourselves at the same time as helping us imagine beyond ourselves; these are the things that make libraries special to me and I hope others.

Mr Bob Shead

Bob Shead is a retired partner at BDO and a former director and audit committee member of Energex and a number of other companies and public sector entities. He has over 40 years' experience in financial management and public policy, working for the last 15 years as a consultant in Australia and in capacity-building roles in Pacific Island countries and in China. Bob holds an MBA (Hons) and a Bachelor of Business (Accountancy). He has been published in a number of academic and industry publications on issues relating to public policy and climate change.

In this internet age, libraries provide a valuable facility for readers like me to browse and explore, and, as importantly, an opportunity for young children like my granddaughter, to be inducted into a community that enjoys listening and reading.

In attendance

Ms Vicki McDonald

State Librarian and Chief Executive Officer

The State Librarian and Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the proper and sound management of State Library of Queensland, under the authority of the Library Board of Queensland. The State Librarian and Chief Executive Officer provides strategic advice and direction to the Library Board; plans and develops new initiatives, services and programs; manages the resources of the State Library; initiates strategic partnerships and leads the State Library of Queensland.

Under the Libraries Act 1988, the State Librarian must attend all meetings of the Board unless excused or precluded by the Board.

Library Board committee

The Library Board has appointed an Audit and Risk Management Committee to advise and inform the Library Board on issues that arise within the scope of the committee.

Library Board advisory groups

The Library Board appoints a number of advisory groups which, while not undertaking the functions of the Board, provide strategic advice and act as a consultative arm. These groups are currently: