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Founded in 1896, State Library of Queensland is the leading reference and research library in Queensland. State Library is responsible for collecting and preserving a comprehensive collection of Queensland’s cultural and documentary heritage, providing free access to information for all Queenslanders and for the advancement of public libraries across the State.

State Library plays a lead role in serving all Queenslanders, through state-wide library services and partnerships with more than 320 vibrant public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres in Queensland.

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Corporate information

State Library of Queensland sits within the portfolio of the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy. Governed by the Library Board of Queensland, State Library draws its powers from the Libraries Act 1988 to contribute to the cultural, social and intellectual development of all Queenslanders.

Organisational structure

Find out more about the State Library's organisational structure.

Strategic Plan

You can learn more about State Library's strategic plan and vision.

Policies and guidelines

Our policies and guidelines provide information on matters such as bringing food, drinks and bags into the library, how we develop and manage collections and much more.

Partnerships and collaboration

State Library delivers some incredible programs through partnerships with major organisations.

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