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Print using wi-fi

You can use your personal laptop, tablet or mobile device to print directly to an SLQ Multi Function Device (MFD) via SLQ's wi-fi network. To use an MFD you need to log in with your SLQ membership details or a copy card. SLQ membership is free and gives you access to a range of services. Register online or see staff at SLQ. Alternatively, you can buy a copy card for $1.00 (which includes 30c credit) in the Print Copy rooms on levels 1 and 3.

You can print PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Image files only.

How to print using wi-fi

  • You need to set the PIN on your SLQ library or copy card by logging in to an MFD before you use wi-fi printing
  • Click on the print now button above
  • Enter your library or copy card number and PIN, upload your document and follow the steps to send your print job to an MFD
  • Print jobs can be collected during opening hours

Logging in to an MFD

  • Select the Other Function button on the left of the touch screen
  • Swipe your card through the card swipe box on the right side of the MFD
  • Enter your PIN on the touch screen and press OK on the touch screen

Collecting your print job

  • Your current balance appears on the touch screen. Press OK on the touch screen
  • A list of your print jobs appears on the touch screen
  • Select a print job to view details such as the number of pages. You can select print jobs to print or delete
  • To log out select the Other function button on the left of the touch screen and press Logout on the touch screen

Ask our staff if you need help at any time.

Please note: All equipment will be turned off 15 minutes prior to closing time.


Black and white copy/print charges:

  • A4 copies are 20 cents per sheet
  • A3 copies are 30 cents per sheet

Colour copy/print charges:

  • A4 copies are $1.20 per sheet
  • A3 copies are $2.00 per sheet

View further information about Copying and printing at SLQ.

Download How to print  (PDF 200.2 KB)

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