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Open to everyone! Bring your singing voices and instruments as you join music teacher, Megan, to learn lyrics and music of a very special song in local First Nations language.

Afterwards, perform alongside Megan and others outside the Library Cafe in the Knowledge Walk.


Yuggera Djarra-na: On Yuggera Country

A personal interest to learn the language of the country upon which she lives and works, inspired music teacher Megan Thompson worked in partnership with local Aboriginal Elders, music teachers and students to write and record a song in language. Four local state schools participated including Oxley, Graceville, Grand Avenue and Forest Lake. Great support came from parents and John Maume from the Bennarrawa Community Development Association. The Elders shared stories, song and project guidance that led to a draft song from music producer Chris White to refine. 

The vision of Yuggera Djarra-na is for the song to be widely used in schools and at community gatherings as a way for groups to respectfully acknowledge First Peoples and their ongoing connections to the land, our shared histories, and to embrace working with Aboriginal groups to hear the stories and language of that country.

Join us for one or both of our 2020 Yuggera Djarra-Na workshops and performances.


Part of Spoken: celebrating Queensland languages exhibition.

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