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STORM (Stochastic Translator of Resonant Morphology) is an immersive interactive Curiocity designed and themed around concepts of the human transition forward from its current biological form, with attention to some of the processes engaged and questions raised around these possibilities. The original idea derives from Australian sci-fi writer Greg Egan’s 1994 book, Permutation City, that explores many concepts, including quantum ontology, through various philosophical aspects of artificial life and simulated reality.

STORM explores some of these in a realtime interactive audio visual installation whose behaviour is intrinsically non-deterministic (stochastic). Using these combined mathematical and scientific visual and sonic generation principles, body sensing by a webcam generates and moderates a highly resolute, complex and dynamic visual display and soundscape.

Created by: Tim Gruchy

Country: SA, Australia

About the Creators

Tim Gruchy’s extensive career spans the exploration and composition of immersive and interactive multimedia through installation, music and performance, while redefining its role and challenging the delineations between cultural sectors. He has exhibited multimedia works, photography, video, music and performance since the early 1980s, along with his larger expressions in the public art arenas. His works are held in private, corporate and museum collections.

State Library will be home to a number of Curiocities as part of the Curiocities trail. Drop by and experience what's on, including:

James the Rat King, located in the Knowledge Walk on Level 1

Now You See Me, located in the Plaza Terrace

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