Precious Plastics Meetup (August)

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Have you got a better idea of what to do with single-use plastic than letting it become ballast for whales? State Library has been on a journey to build the tools you need to turn your creativity into reality, and on the second Saturday this month (10 August), a meet-up will happen where you can meet like-minded folks, perfect your ideas and help complete our suite of machines.

Our 24V mobile shredder is up and running, in injection moulder is a few hours work away from being ready for certification, and pieces of an extruder are accumulating. The Edge Machine Shop has the tools and software you need to start making moulds and dies – all that is missing is your innovative energy.

Come along to the basement Clean Lab at The Edge between 1 and 3pm on Saturday 10 August and be part of the change you are hoping for. If you have any questions, contact .

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