Finding station records

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family history research

Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders are sometimes named in station diaries or employment records such as:

  • accounts ledgers which includes payments to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers
  • station managers' diaries
  • overseers' diaries
  • photo albums.

Find books and other material at the State Library


Atlas of Queensland and Northern Territory pastoral stations

/ Terrance Alick (GCS 919.43 1994)

From bush to station : Aboriginal labour in the North Queensland pastoral industry, 1861-1897

/ Dawn May (G 994.3 1978)

Or use your own keywords

For example: "station records" or if the name of the station is known "glengallan station"

James Cook University

The University holds some

records of North Queensland stations

in their Archives. Each station record can be searched online by personal name. Please note this material cannot be borrowed so you will need to visit the University. Please contact the

Special Collections Librarian