Book Making : Crafting the Grumpus' Treasured Tomes

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The master of the Great and Grand Rumpus is calling for artisans and tech-smiths alike to bind the whisperings of the world into vivacious and venerable volumes to fill his library….

Throughout this workshop series you will take the stories produced by world-writing workshops and bind them into a beautiful book to display as part of the Great and Grand Rumpus exhibitioncoming soon to State Library.

To craft these creative chronicles we will be combining the traditional craft of book binding with the contemporary skills of digital fabrication. Along the way you will learn how to:

  • Design a cover in Inkscape (vector graphics software)
  • Cut and etch that design on our laser cutter (including a laser cutter induction)
  • Sew up a text block from loose leaves of paper (the stories) using traditional materials and methods
  • Turn our laser-cut pieces into a cover and complete our books.

A member of the library’s Preservations Team will co-facilitate this workshop series, and there will be an opportunity to visit the Preservations Lab in a bonus daytime session mid-way through the workshop series. There you will get a rare glimpse at the place where some of the real magic of State Library happens, learn how real book binders carry out their works and see a super fancy guillotine in use as we trim up our books.

There are no special skills required, just bring your creativity, ideas and enthusiasm to each of the four fortnightly workshops starting Tuesday the 7 September to bring the book to life!

As per Queensland Government advice, you must wear a mask during your visit unless you have a lawful reason not to. Stay up-to-date with the latest COVID-19 information at

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