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Donating to the collection

If you have an item or collection of items which you would like to see permanently located in the John Oxley Library collection, there are a few simple steps to follow.


Ferrying locals across the floodwaters in Chinchilla during the 1921-22 floods. Negative number: 4494

How to contribute

Queensland's cultural heritage, knowledge and documented history is held in public libraries, Indigenous Knowledge Centres, historical societies, community museums, regional galleries, schools, universities, community spaces, private collections and businesses across Queensland. Each contributes to the preservation of Queensland's memory.


Patrons reading newspapers in the State Library of Queensland, 1934. Negative number: 12992

For publishers, authors and writers

Find out more about legal deposit, depositing electronic publications, Queensland authors and archived websites.


Intimate portrait of a man writing a letter, 1900-1910. Negative number: 175036