Timothy Hill

Shane Thompson asks leading design thinkers about the projects they undertake outside their primary work practice, how these extra-curricular activities transfer across disciplines, and how they enrich all sides of life – both work and play.

Timothy Hill's experience as an architectural practitioner has focused on being a generalist rather than a specialist. Although his firm, Donovan Hill is the most awarded Queensland architectural practice at a national level, their work has included many projects outside the typical architectural realm. This means that in addition to delivering various built outcomes such as; campus precincts, civic buildings, and multi-residential projects, he has been exposed to the operating realities of plans, schemes, overlays, incentives, initiatives, compliance schemes, and measurement tools. He is familiar with ideas becoming reality, or not. From this perspective, he has taught in university settings, and consulted to various Australian cities about master plans and master schemes.

The APDL lecture series is supported by Arts Queensland in the Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts and proudly endorsed by QUEENSLANDERSIGN™, an initiative of the Queensland Design Council.