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Siganto Foundation Artists' Book Project

The Australian Library of Art (ALA) is an internationally renowned collection and research resource for art

Siganto Foundation Artists’ Books Lecture Series 2017: Helen Douglas

Hear Dr Helen Douglas, an artist and publisher from Scotland who is renowned for her poetic visual narratives in artists’ books, deliver the 2017 Siganto Founda...
Johnstone Gallery Annexe and courtyard, Cintra Road

The Johnstone Gallery Archive

The Johnstone Gallery was a commercial art gallery that operated in Brisbane from 1950 to 1972 during a seminal time in the development of an audience for conte...

Magnificent Makers

Magnificent Makers tells seven stories of canny creations, daring discoveries and imaginative inventions that trace a path through Queensland’s history since th...

Bright Bold Boundless: Designing the Queen's Baton

Passed from hand-to-hand in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games, the Queen’s Baton is the symbolic heart of the ‘Friendly Games’– a tangible symbol that has u...

Artists' books with Keith Smith and Scott McCarney

Leading book artists, Keith Smith and Scott McCarney, develop contemporary interpretations of books and bookforms.

Siganto Foundation artists’ books lecture: This Other Southland

There is always more than one story: about place, about ancestry, about our culture. Susan King’s artist's books express this multiple narrative we all live.

Siganto seminar: the trouble with artists books

Join artist book maker Jan Davis, gallerist Noreen Grahame and librarian Helen Cole for a look at the artists’ book phenomenon in Australia, illustrated by book...